Empowering People Effectively


Earn 1 CPD Point with this Resource

What is empowerment? How do I empower my staff/employees? What are the processes/skills for empowering people? If these are questions for which you need answers then this resource will provide those answers. You will be able to assess your level of empowerment skills in the five key skill areas of empowering people. These are your ability to;

  1. Provide a high level of Employee Engagement in their jobs.
  2. Enable them to be more empowered.
  3. Encourage them to want to be more empowered.
  4. Grow employees in their jobs to enlarge their contributions.
  5. Create more Excitement for employees in the area of being more empowered.

You will be able to use an Empowerment Questionnaire to ascertain your level of skills in these five areas. You will also be able to use the questionnaire to obtain 180 and 360 Feedback to gain a complete picture of your improvement needs. You will then be able to construct a Personal Development Plan to address these improvement needs. We shall also provide you with detailed options for the use of different development activities. You will be able to empower yourself to empower others!"


  • Making Empowerment a skill that is easy to understand and use.
  • Creating a team of self-managing people capable of delivering bigger and better results.
  • Growing your skills as a facilitating leader versus a directing leader,
  • Achieving individual and team results with a more collaborative style.
  • Developing yourself for a more senior leadership role.