Remote Team Leadership Skills


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What is a Remote Team? How should I lead a remote team? How can I improve my remote team management skills? Remote teams are those which do not operate in the same physical space or time frame. These are teams which are made up of team members who work geographically apart in a country, international region or globally. They can operate across different time zones and across different cultures. Their members can have different first languages. Leading and managing these remote teams can be quite a challenge for their manager.

The only way to succeed is for the manager to instill a common and agreed way of working when it comes to the following: Mindset/Attitude required, Corporate Culture/Values observation, Use of Communications Methods/Styles, Adherence to a Working Style, Delivery of Processes/Projects to corporate policies, Fitting into the Organisation‰۪s Overall Structure, Carrying out Team Roles and Responsibilities to common standards and Fit to the Local and Overall Corporate Culture. Only when a Remote Team Leader/Manager has laid down these foundations can s/he effectively lead/manage the dispersed team. This resource will provide you with a resource to assess your level of skills in these areas. You will be able to use detailed explanatory notes to improve your level of skills and a Personal Development Plan to develop them further.


  • Improved results from your remote team.
  • Improved relationships between you and team members.
  • Increased customer satisfaction.
  • Increase in the team‰۪s efficiency and productivity.åÊ
  • Growing into a very effective remote team leader.