Transformational Leadership


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What is transformational leadership? How can I improve my transformational leadership skills? What skills do I need to be a transformational leader?

Transformational Leadership is the highest form of leadership. Transformational leaders feel called to make a significant change in an area they feel passionate about. They literally desire to transform the current attitudes and mindsets of people regarding a current situation to bring about major change. Transformational leaders have strong beliefs and values. They have an acute sense of what they feel is right and wrong. Transformational leaders succeed because they are highly skilled in the following eight areas;

  1. Challenging the status quo
  2. Creating a powerful Vision of a better future
  3. Exhibiting a high level of Optimism
  4. Using Creative Thinking to overcome obstacles to their success
  5. Motivating potential followers by bringing Meaning and Pride into their lives
  6. Having exceptional Influencing Skills
  7. Supporting their followers in their efforts to deliver results
  8. Being a Role Model whose example people can easily follow.

This resource will enable you to understand all of these qualities and skills in detail so that you can acquire them and demonstrate them for yourself. You will complete a questionnaire to help you identify your improvement and development needs. You can then use a Personal Development Plan to grow your skills further as a Transformational Leader.


  • Gaining willing followers to big causes you want to address.
  • Calling out the best in supporters to believe in big change initiatives you want to initiate,
  • Giving people a sense of pride in their involvement in transforming situations,
  • Leading with real influence to deliver significant change, - Becoming a role model for future transformational leaders.